How to build a community of loyal clients + raving fans

A few months ago, I came across a new business coach on Facebook. I’ll call her Sheila. Sheila seemed to have pretty useful biz advice - so I decided to follow her. Over the next few weeks, I watched her live streams and read her social media posts. 

While I did gain some helpful tips and information, something just felt….off.

She definitely knew her stuff when it came to strategy and was very engaging, so I wasn’t sure why I had this uncomfortable feeling whenever I read her posts or watched her on Periscope. It took me a few weeks to pinpoint exactly what it was - but when I reread a passage from Simon Sinek’s Start With Why, it instantly clicked.

Sheila used manipulation to market her business; every now and then I’d notice some inspiration in the mix - but her biggest marketing strategy was using fear and peer pressure.

“You’re missing out”, “THESE ladies were smart enough to sign up with me but YOU weren’t, so enjoy sitting on the sidelines while they rise.” These types of messages were used often in her marketing and as I market my business primarily with inspiration --

it felt really icky!!

There are 2 primary ways of selling: manipulation and inspiration.

In the marketing world, manipulation isn’t always a negative thing. It can be very effective for certain types of businesses. Examples of manipulation in marketing include sales, discounts, and using fear or peer pressure (see above example) to convince people to buy.

If you’re in a service-based business, however, and you want to have repeat clients who will sing your praises, recommend you to others, and help you grow your following - inspiration is the best marketing approach for you.

To inspire your ideal clients to invest in you - begin by telling them what you believe. Sharing your core beliefs will give your potential customers an immediate connection with you (because if they truly are your ideal clients - they’ll share in that belief!).

Here’s an example of each of these marketing strategies. Can you tell which is manipulation and which is inspiration?

1) 2 Sisterhood Tribes have already kicked off! Why haven’t you claimed your spot yet?? Don’t miss out on this, chica! Sign up NOW...or risk having to pay double the price.

2) I believe that empowered women who break free from fear & insecurity, embrace their authentic selves, and wholeheartedly pursue their dreams are UNSTOPPABLE FORCES OF POSITIVE CHANGE; I’m creating an army of these women by providing new entrepreneurs with strategy guidance, accountability, and support in the Sisterhood Tribes program. And, by the way, for the next 3 women who enroll - the price is only $300/month!

Feel the difference?

Make the choice that’s best for YOU and your biz -- but if you want to build a loyal client base and community of raving fans - inspiration is the way to go!