Yes, I Really AM Telling You to Light Something on Fire!!

I stayed in corporate jobs that drained me and were not aligned with my passions for FIVE YEARS.

Why? FEAR. I was scared I’d fail, I wasn’t enough, I wouldn’t make it. So I held back and didn’t take any steps forward towards what I truly desired my life to look like.

Once I broke through that fear and took the first step towards making my desires my reality, I felt incredibly empowered and was able to successfully launch my business and attract lots of the exact type of client I want to work with!

Fear will always be there. If you’re waiting until you are 100% confident and positive that you’ll be successful -- you’re going to be waiting a long time, chica!

Instead - face that fear and learn how to work towards your dreams and achieve success in spite of that fear being present.

The first step of blasting through your fears is getting super clear on your desires. What do you want your life to look like? What do you want your schedule to be like? Where do you want to live or travel? Getting clear on your desires will give you the motivation you need to take action, to take that first big step forward.

Next, be honest with yourself about your fears. Write down exactly how you feel - holding nothing back, being extremely open about the fear. Once you’ve got it all written down - and all of your fears and limiting beliefs are on that page? BURN IT! RIP IT TO SHREDS! FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET! You’re DONE with that fear.

I’ve done this journaling then burning exercise myself, so trust me when I say it works wonders for your mindset!! It gives you a way to physically release those fears and prepares you for taking the leap towards your true desires.

Happy burning!

P.S. - if you’re ready NOW to make your desires your reality, and want to launch your own business so that you can have the freedom and flexibility, the lifestyle, and the income that you desire -- check out my new course, “Launch Your Biz in 5 Days”. It may be exactly what you need to take the leap and blast through your fears to create the life you truly want.

How to build a community of loyal clients + raving fans

A few months ago, I came across a new business coach on Facebook. I’ll call her Sheila. Sheila seemed to have pretty useful biz advice - so I decided to follow her. Over the next few weeks, I watched her live streams and read her social media posts. 

While I did gain some helpful tips and information, something just felt….off.

She definitely knew her stuff when it came to strategy and was very engaging, so I wasn’t sure why I had this uncomfortable feeling whenever I read her posts or watched her on Periscope. It took me a few weeks to pinpoint exactly what it was - but when I reread a passage from Simon Sinek’s Start With Why, it instantly clicked.

Sheila used manipulation to market her business; every now and then I’d notice some inspiration in the mix - but her biggest marketing strategy was using fear and peer pressure.

“You’re missing out”, “THESE ladies were smart enough to sign up with me but YOU weren’t, so enjoy sitting on the sidelines while they rise.” These types of messages were used often in her marketing and as I market my business primarily with inspiration --

it felt really icky!!

There are 2 primary ways of selling: manipulation and inspiration.

In the marketing world, manipulation isn’t always a negative thing. It can be very effective for certain types of businesses. Examples of manipulation in marketing include sales, discounts, and using fear or peer pressure (see above example) to convince people to buy.

If you’re in a service-based business, however, and you want to have repeat clients who will sing your praises, recommend you to others, and help you grow your following - inspiration is the best marketing approach for you.

To inspire your ideal clients to invest in you - begin by telling them what you believe. Sharing your core beliefs will give your potential customers an immediate connection with you (because if they truly are your ideal clients - they’ll share in that belief!).

Here’s an example of each of these marketing strategies. Can you tell which is manipulation and which is inspiration?

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2) I believe that empowered women who break free from fear & insecurity, embrace their authentic selves, and wholeheartedly pursue their dreams are UNSTOPPABLE FORCES OF POSITIVE CHANGE; I’m creating an army of these women by providing new entrepreneurs with strategy guidance, accountability, and support in the Sisterhood Tribes program. And, by the way, for the next 3 women who enroll - the price is only $300/month!

Feel the difference?

Make the choice that’s best for YOU and your biz -- but if you want to build a loyal client base and community of raving fans - inspiration is the way to go!

Creative Repetition: A Requirement for Success!

When I started my business, I fought hard against any semblance of routine. After all, I was living the freedom lifestyle! I had enough routine in my corporate career, I was done with it!

But I quickly learned that routine was necessary for success. I had to be consistent, to hold to the daily practices and patterns that best served me and my business growth. It was important to set some sort of daily schedule, to dedicate certain hours of the day to working. I needed to communicate to both myself and my friends/family that I wasn’t free ALL of the time to hang out and socialize and actually needed time to make progress on growing my business.

Routine doesn’t have to be synonymous with rigid.  Patterns can have slight differences and still be patterns. It is 100% possible to have a routine but remain flexible and creative.

Creativity has a huge role to play in building a business, in pursuing your passions, and in discovering the best ways for you to serve your ideal clients and customers. It is absolutely vital to remain open to new ideas, different approaches, and unique ways of achieving the success you desire.

And so I have coined a new term - Creative Repetition. (I don’t actually know if this is “NEW” -- but I’ve never heard it!!) Find a routine that works well for you, follow the daily practices and patterns that lift your vibe and propel you forward -- but remain open to change. Don’t get too stuck in your ways that when an incredible, creative idea floats into your mind, you aren’t able to accept it. Be flexible and unattached to the manner in which everything will happen for you - just keep moving forward and trust that it WILL happen.